Cameo Bobo
Jenny Anne

“Bless Your Heart” is written and directed by Donna Caldwell and produced by FLAG Entertainment.

  • The show is a half-hour format where the ladies share their thoughts on topics of the day and various other subjects of interest.
  • Writers Guild of America Registration #: pending

“The Talk” with a Southern point of view!

Similar to “The View,” or “The Talk,” “Bless Your Heart” features a panel of female co-hosts who discuss a variety of topics, including social and political issues, soft news stories, and celebrity updates.  However, these ladies all share their opinions with a decidedly Southern point of view.

SYNOPSIS:  A proper Southern lady always tries to be polite, and the infamous phrase, “Bless your heart” can convey a bevy of meanings without the taint of impropriety.  On this show, an ensemble of diverse Southern women will discuss an array of topics that will bring out the “Bless your Heart” in any well-brought-up Southern girl!

FORMAT: This four-women ensemble starts each show with a “what’s on your mind” segment, featuring a discussion of the trending topics for the week.  These topics can range from news stories, social issues, celebrity gossip or the latest pop culture buzz.  Each episode will feature special guests, from celebrities promoting their latest projects to trendsetters in fashion, health, and lifestyle trends. Some shows will feature a musical or comedy performance and others will feature a live cooking segment or exercise session.  The shows will be fast-paced, fun, and timely.

Tie-ins, Sponsorship potential

New Books, DVDs, and Health & Beauty Products can be featured on the show, with freebies distributed to the studio audience and links can be provided for the home audience to purchase the items, at special “Bless Your Heart” prices.  We can also get airline and hotel sponsorships for show guests and bring in a sponsor for closed captioning.