Directions for Taping Location

Studio Information

120 White Bridge Road #46
Nashville, TN 37209


PEG Studio (aka NECAT) is located on the Nashville State Community College campus at 120 White Bridge Road, Building 110.

Here is what we recommend to find us

  1. Take the campus entrance that has a red light (there are 2 entrances—one with a red light and one without).
  2. Come all the way around to the back of the campus where the big parking lot and all the cars are on the left.
  3. About in the middle of this parking lot, up near the long, low Student Services Center, you will find parking spaces labeled PEG STUDIOS or VISITOR PARKING.
  4. Park there and go through the main glass doors of the Student Services Center.
  5. Walk straight through the lobby and out the other side. This puts you back outside in the “quad”
  6. You will see a building labeled PEG STUDIOS in front of you and a little to the right